Olivia Barratier
1967 ROCHEFORT - France
My parents meet on the set of Jacques Demy’s “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” - The Young Girls of Rochefort.

On the film, my father Jacques Henri Barratier (‘Z’, ‘State of Siege’) is assistant director and my mother, Sarah Hardenberg (‘West Side Story’, ‘Summer Holidays’) is dancing alongside Gene Kelly, having come over from London.
1974 PARIS - France
I am born in Paris, France. Our garden goes straight out to the Seine in Carrières-sur-Seine.

Parties, filmmakers, artists, more parties, this was my childhood in Carrières & Paris.
1979 PARIS - France
Here I am with Jacques Demy in Lady Oscar.

At the time, my life ambition was to be a clown, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to wear my red clown nose on the day of the shoot.
1984 Hauteville-Sur-Mer - France
I go to Russian camp with my cousin, writing classes in the morning, chess in the afternoon. Our evenings are spent playing balalaika, dancing, staging plays and reciting russian poetry.

Also lots of dressing up and excursions to the magic forest.
I travel to attend Amherst High School, Massachusetts on a school exchange, my first trip to America. Day trip to New York, I start photographing everything in sight.

America is everything I had imagined.
1991 PARIS - France / MK2 Productions
I work at Marin Karmitz Distribution office in Paris, then go to the Cannes Film Festival working on ‘Jacquot de Nantes’ by Agnes Varda, ‘The Black List’ by Irwin Winkler and ‘Hors La Vie’ by Maroun Bagdadi, and the French re-release of ‘Day for Night’ by François Truffaut. I collect the scraps of 35mm film from the projects we work on, including the works of the Taviani brothers and project the images on my wall at nights. I dream of cinema.
1992 PARIS to DUBLIN - Ireland
Told my parents I was going on vacation to Madagascar with a friend. When in fact I hitch hiked to Dublin in an apple truck, went to art school and stayed for 10 years.

Begin working at Dublin’s best photography studio - advertising, music videos, album art, animation & editing. All things visual! This is where it all begins...
1996 DUBLIN - Ireland
Having created a book cover for Paolo Tullio, a friend of John Boorman’s, I received a box containing 200 photos from Merlin Films of the ‘The General’ and a note saying John Boorman would be down at the studio after lunch. By then I have scanned and produced 5 poster layouts. I produce 10 posters for ‘The General’ working alongside John, one of the most important encounters and influences of my life.
Avid lent us an editing base, I didn’t sleep for 4 days and cut 3 videos, not knowing what editing was I discovered the essence of my creativity. Two months later I enrolled myself into the Avid Film Camp program, which taught you the ins-and-out of editing from mechanical to digital, working on the steambeck, cutting negatif and becoming a technical expert in the Avid system. I was in the director’s office every morning trying to get him to sell me the reel from ‘Killing of A Chinese Bookie’, which I eventually got to see on the steambeck as a gift.
I went to New York hoping to work with director Hal Hartley, a month later I found myself working alongside his film editor and eventually designing a poster for him. Most definitely New York’s pavements were filled with stars and glitter, which reflected my dreams. I was completely consumed with New York, a week after getting there I started working for a hip hop company called ‘Urban Box Office’ editing reels for Moby, The Roots and Dr. Dre.
2004 MONTRÉAL - Canada
Assistant to the director on two features back to back for Lionsgate, after completing the movie poster for the first film, I enter the world of post-production, producing opening title sequences, creating visual effects, packaging tv series and film posters. I associate myself with a big post-production house in Montreal, I will work over 50 award winning productions in Canada.
First picture I took of myself, having just landed in Los Angeles for the premiere of a film I have been working on ‘An American Haunting’ with Sissy Spacek. The feeling is overwhelming, California is what I have been dreaming of ever since I saw John Cassavetes driving in the Hollywood Hills when I was a teenager, after discovering the film that changed my life ‘Opening Night’. I traveled to come here, and it is the begining of the rest of my life, today.
I land in LA. with my cat and bags. I’m home.
I discover every day a new LA, a new street, a new adventure.

I feel my creativity is limitless, that I have found the tools to express it, with the right space and the right amount of light.

I meet Gregory Daniels, my husband.
I attend Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Learning oil painting and anatomy with the mentorship of formidable teachers and fellow students.

I learn the form through the use of light and feel I am now truly free to create.